PROJECT: Furry Fox

Titel: Furry Fox - Personal Project - Work in Progress

Produced: Februar 2016 - tbc

Software used:

Cinema 4d

I was always fascinated by the beauty of animals and their fluffy fur. So it was itching under my
nails to try reproducing them in 3D. Doing realistic hair in 3D is one of the most challenging things,
but I wanted to give it a try. It took a bit of time to figure out all the functions of the implemented
hair tool in Cinema 4D. But once that step is completed, it starts to be fun to play around with.
That's how I came up with my furry little fox, which I still plan to animate. Stay tuned!

Render 1

Render 2

Render 3

Render 4

Render 5

Render with Rig

Fox Jaws

Hair Cinema 4D